Stand up Spotlight: Pokemon Go and the Ugly Truth of Tinder with Michael Frankland




With delivery as slick and jokes as sharp as his suits, Portsmouth-based Comedian  Michael Frankland has no qualms ridiculing anything in his decidedly blunt stand up, least of all himself.

South Coast Comedian of the Year finalist Michael offers up unique and witty observations which vary from random musings, like about how the discoverer of Oranges lacked imagination in the naming of them, whilst whoever first found Bananas was too creative; to the  more dark and cutting one liners-  “my ex wanted me to treat her like a princess, so I did. I took her to Paris… and then killed her in a car crash”.

Whatever he’s talking about, be it badly dubbed Kung Fu films or the comparisons between Pokemon Go and Tinder ( one helps you find weird creatures in your local area, the other is a Pokemon game), Frankland delivers material that is original, clever and so close to the line that you feel bad for laughing, if only for a second or two.  But what really stands out about Micheal is his brilliantly dead pan delivery and stead fast persona which is reminiscent of comedy big guns like Jimmy Carr and just as well executed.

He may be relatively new to stand up, but there’s nothing about his performances that says beginner. In fact, with a clear comedy alter ego and razor sharp material, Michael would seem as  at home on “Live at the Apollo” as he does doing open mics in Pubs.

Be sure to catch Michael at The Jolly Sailor Pub in Southsea on 23rd July 2017 or check him out on YouTube at frankland88



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    Hi All im noob here. Good post! Thx! Love your stories!

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